Shark Girl

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Rolling Stone, September 2014:

‘10 Great TV Shows You've Never Heard Of’

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Sydney Morning Herald, June 2014:

‘Shark Girl gives Jaws a makeover’


For 19-year-old Madison Stewart, nothing feels safer or more natural than diving straight into waters teeming with sharks. Since childhood, growing up by the Great Barrier Reef, she's treated these predators as family. But they're disappearing fast, and because of their bad reputation, few people seem to care. Follow Madison on her mission to protect sharks, a battle that began when she put her studies on hold, grabbed a camera, and set out to save these incredible, misunderstood creatures.

Shark Girl

Year of Production:

1 x 58 minutes

Broadcast & Production Partners:
ABC Australia, Smithsonian Channel, Terra Mater & Screen Australia

Shark Girl

ABC Commercial

Sydney Head Office
700 Harris Street
Ultimo, NSW 2007

ph +61 2 8333 5351
fax +61 2 8333 3169

All footage & excerpt inquiries:
Kaufmann Productions

Shark Girl

Study Guide (ATOM - Australian Teachers of Media)

Shark Girl
Shark Girl
Shark Girl
Awards & Festivals

Gold World Medal
Environment & Ecology
New York Festivals, April 2014

Best of Festival - Finalist
37th IWFF - International Wildlife Film Festival
USA, April 2014

Silver Screen Award
Environment & Ecology
48th US International Film & Video Festival
USA, June 2014

Best International Wildlife Documentary - Finalist
18th Gran Paradiso Film Festival
Italy, August 2014

Best Underwater Documentary - Finalist
VAASA International Nature Film Festival
Finland, October 2014

Environment & Conservation
Wildscreen Film Festival
UK, October 2014

Special Jury Award
Nature & Environment
Gold Panda Film Festival
China, November 2014

Best of Festival
Best Broadcast TV Program
Best Ocean Issues - Finalist
Best Documentary Feature Film - Finalist
Honorable Mention for Cinematography
BLUE Ocean Film Festival
USA, November 2014

Award for Environmental Awareness
41st Festival Mondial De L’Image Sous-Marine
France, November 2014

Best Documentary Science, Technology & the Environment - Finalist
2014 ATOM Awards
Australia, November 2014

Audience Award ‘Tales From The Heart’
Friday Harbor Film Festival
USA, November 2014

2nd Place Best Professional Production
18th International Underwater Film Festival
Serbia, December 2014

Best Advocacy Film
New York WILD Film Festival
USA, January 2015

Best International Documentary - Finalist
12th FIFO - Pacific International Documentary Film Festival
Tahiti, February 2015

Wildlife Award
12th San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival
USA, February 2015

Best Foreign Feature Documentary - Finalist
AmDocs - American Documentary Film Festival
USA, March 2015

Rockie Award – Finalist
Environment & Wildlife
BANFF World Media Festival
Canada, June 2015

Best Marine Film Award
9th Green Screen International Wildlife Film Festival
Germany, September 2015

Special Jury Award
Project Impact Award
- Finalist
Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2015
USA, October 2015

Best Youth Film Award
9th Green Me Film Festival 2016
Berlin, January 2016

Ocean Conservationist Festival Award 2016
CineMare International Ocean Film Festival Kiel
Germany, August 2016

Official Selection:

CinefestOz Film Festival
Australia, August 2014

San Francisco Green Film Festival
USA, October 2014

Bisbee Film Festival
USA, November 2014

Newport Film Festival
USA, November 2014

Princeton Environmental Film Festival (PEFF)
USA, March 2015

Maremostra - Palma International Film Festival
Spain, April 2015

World Oceans Day Hawaii 2015
Hawaii, June 2015

Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (DREFF)
Dominican Republic, September 2015

Blue Bahr Film Festival
Beirut/Lebanon, September 2015

Waimea Ocean Film Festival
Hawaii, January 2016

FICMAR Ocean Film Festival
Spain, October 2016

Shark Girl