Sea of Snakes


On the remote Pacific island of Niue lives a mysterious sea snake that amazingly has adapted to life in the sea and on land.

Dr. Brian Fry's main mission is to milk the snake’s lethal venom while revealing the island’s age-old legends. Niue, the ‘Rock of Polynesia’, is one of the world’s smallest island states but one of the planet’s biggest coral isles.

This precarious mission takes him deep into Niue’s blue wonderland: the pristine marine habitat of crystal clear waters, coral reefs, bubble caves and undersea coral mountains teeming with tropical fish, dolphins, turtles and snakes. The film also reveals how the local villages have learned to live with the threat of the ‘Niue Sea Krait’ whose venom is as toxic as a King Cobra. They believe the snake has special powers and therefore treat it with the utmost respect as a local reef-fishing lady reveals, “We respect them, we care about them and we are afraid of them at the same time”.

Sea Of Snakes is a thrilling voyage to seek out the planet’s most isolated venomous sea snake which to this day remains virtually unknown. Nonetheless Bryan’s enthusiasm for anything hissing or venomous paired with baffling and groundbreaking discoveries makes this film fascinating, fun and irresistible viewing.

Sea of Snakes

Year of Production:

1 x 52 minutes

Broadcast & Production Partners:
National Geographic Channel, WDR Germany & ARTE

Sea of Snakes

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Sea of Snakes
Sea of Snakes

Merit Award Underwater Cinematography
IWFF - International Wildlife Film Festival
USA, April 2003

Best Underwater Documentary - Finalist
Japan Wildlife Film Festival (JWF)
Japan, August 2003

Gold Award Best Wildlife Documentary
30th World Festival of Underwater Pictures
France, October 2003

Best Nature Documentary - Finalist
35th International Festival of Maritime Films
France, October 2003

Gold Award Best Nature Film
ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society) State Awards
Australia, November 2003

Best Professional Underwater Production
7th International Underwater Film Festival
Serbia, December 2003

Silver World Medal Nature & Wildlife
New York Festivals
USA, January 2004

Best Nature Documentary – Finalist
3rd WAGA Brothers International Festival of Nature Films
Poland, March 2004

Gold Award Nature & Wildlife Films
World Media Festival
Germany, May 2004

Award of Distinction Wildlife & Nature Films
ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society) National Awards
Australia, May 2004

PANDA Award – Finalist
Animal Behaviour
Wildscreen Film Festival
UK, October 2004

Best Nature Documentary – Finalist
Best Documentary Southern Hemisphere – Finalist
WildSouth International Film Festival
New Zealand, April 2005

Best Feature Documentary – Finalist
Celebrate the Sea Marine Festival (CTS)
Singapore, April 2006

Sea of Snakes