Lizard Kings

"Lizard Kings is an extraordinary documentary about monitor lizards, a family of reptiles that includes the tremendous Komodo dragons - the largest lizards found on the planet. Expert herpetologist Dr. Eric Pianka guides the viewer on a fantastic tour of these striking reptiles in Australia's heartland. (...) A wonderful, educational, and utterly captivating documentary, highly recommended for lizard fans of all ages."

Amazon review, February 2010


They look like dragons. But these ancient creatures with their long claws, razor-sharp teeth, and muscular, whip-like tails are actually monitors, the largest lizards now walking the planet. With their acute intelligence, monitors—including the largest of all, the Komodo Dragon—are a very different kind of reptile, blurring the line between reptiles and mammals. Essentially unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs, they are a very successful species, versatile at adapting to all kinds of settings. So what makes these long-tongued reptiles so similar to mammals and what has allowed them to become such unique survivors?

Lizard Kings

Year of Production:

1 x 52 minutes

Broadcast & Production Partners:
ABC Australia, NOVA/WGBH Boston, WDR Germany & ARTE

Lizard Kings

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Lizard Kings
Lizard Kings
Dr. Eric Pianka

Best Documentary
Science, Technology & the Environment
ATOM Awards
Australia, October 2009

Gold Award Best Cinematography Wildlife & Nature
Milton Ingerson Award for Best Entry of the Year (all categories)
ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society) State Awards
Australia, November 2009

Best International Nature Film – Finalist
5th CMS VATAVARAN Environment & Wildlife Film Festival
India, October 2009

Award of Distinction Wildlife & Nature Cinematography
ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society) National Awards
Australia, May 2010

Honorable Mention for Animal Behaviour
Honorable Mention for Educational Value
IWFF - International Wildlife Film Festival
USA, May 2010

Golden Globe Award Best Documentary Wildlife & Nature
World Media Festival
Germany, May 2010

Best Story - Finalist
Best Camera - Finalist
Grand Award NaturVision - Finalist
NaturVision Film Festival
Germany, July 2010

Best International Film
Czech Republic, September 2010

Best Science Documentary – Finalist
Green Screen Nature Film Festival
Germany, September 2010

Best Science & Nature Documentary – Finalist
Goethe Institute Science Film Festival
Thailand, September 2010

Best Scientific Documentary – Finalist
Festival International du Film Animalier d’Albert 2011
France, March 2011

Lizard Kings
Lizard Kings
Lizard Kings