Who are we, really?

Gisela Kaufmann and Carsten Orlt are Kaufmann Productions.

Gisela and Carsten offer skill sets that are rare in the film production industry. They’re creative businesspeople. Makers of beautiful things, built on solid, scientific and factually accurate foundations. And they’re artists who are as comfortable around the negotiation table as they are out in the field.

Today, Kaufmann Productions is the go-to independent production house for clients across Europe, Asia, the United States and Australia. You’ll see our team’s name on productions screened by the world’s leading broadcasters, including ABC (Australia), PBS, National Geographic, Discovery and the Smithsonian Channel (United States), CBC (Canada), and ARD, ZDF, ARTE, France 5, TF1, RAI, RTÉ and UKTV (Europe).

Gisela Kaufmann


Gisela is, quite simply, a force of nature. Whether she’s working independently or as part of a production or development team, Gisela is trusted by the big names in the film production industry to manage complex creative projects with a calm authority. Gisela’s worked on many national and international productions on both sides of the table — as a commissioning editor for a national broadcaster as well as an independent producer and director. This means she has a vast network of media contacts and very practical understanding of the challenges that come with the production process.
Gisela’s reputation in the industry has led to invitations to speak at industry events, join Q&A panels and serve on juries at international film festivals.

Carsten Orlt

Producer/Film Editor

Carsten is a born storyteller with a highly-tuned visual sense. When he launched his career 30 years ago, Carsten decided to stay close to the leading edge of film post-production and utilize the best technology to deliver his vision to audiences in a deeply impactful and entertaining way.
Carsten has infused his special blend of creativity and technical know-how (he is a pioneer of non-linear editing systems) into everything from 30-second TV commercials to big-screen feature films. In 1991, Carsten shifted his focus towards bringing the hidden tales of our world to life for a global audience, which led him to combine forces with Gisela Kaufmann to form what industry insiders know as the ‘Dynamic Duo’.